Entry #5


2012-03-08 09:56:37 by Redfeather

Thought it would be a good idea to make a new post seeing is how it's been two years.

With our animator finally released from his contract with SNI, we hope to have lot of animations out this year including a possible new series! We've already released two this year and you can see them here: Hairless and Egorapture and we have some more on the way. Edit: Thanks for the monthly first on egorapture to everyone who voted, even though it only won because it was a flash about egorapter. I made the list of scrolling 0 reviews at the end which was arguably the best part of the animation.

Also, me and the infamous Shadman are getting an apartment in Canada, this could either be a lot of fun of be a huge mistake, only time will tell...

Also the redesign is lame and needlessly over complicated, tons of bugs: lack of favicons on user pages, trophy's don't update on user pages, exact scores don't show on flash games or movies only stars, review star system is a huge unoriginal step down from the 0-10 review system, user icons keep shrinking, mature and adult featured art is now hidden, the main page side banners makes the site look like it's trying to be this hip, urban 14yr old hang out for nerds, the site as a whole looks like a generic flash game site meant to generate views to keep up with other social media and networking sites and an overall lack of quality content even more so some how but I guess I'll get used to it. It's not that bad, it's just the staff at times comes off as really out of touch, hopefully some of the few bugs I listed will be fixed soon and I won't have anything to bitch about, I mean at least it's better then the new youtube one.



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2012-03-08 11:33:37

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2012-03-08 13:43:15

The main skin is getting an update soon and we'll be trying stuff out with the score values. The change to stars was because when we switch over to a "score it once" system it helps ease the confusion between the 0-5 voting range and the 0-10 review range.

Might still try other ways to represent the content on the front page, although it might result in less content being shown... People might prefer that anyway if they don't like having so much of it all at once. User icons should be done shrinking.

Redfeather responds:

It's nice to know that the staff not only reads it's users opinions, but are actively working on the site. Things like the the super front page carousel were long overdue and I'm glad to hear that we might be getting new/rotating skins.


2012-03-08 17:36:42

I think that the front page is fine. Didn't notice that mature art had been taken down which kinda sucks for people like shadman... I would like to see a simple, static back round with either simple orange sun-ray beams or something like the original so i agree with you on that..


2012-03-09 11:20:53

The carousel doesn't seem to be getting very good results actually... We need to make it "pop" more and have more legible text.

As for the mature content not being showcased on the Art Portal front page... It does suck for Shad but before we made the change it sucked for everyone else... 90% of the showcased art was cleavage shots from Shad, where now it's like 10% and other people are getting their art showcased.


2012-03-13 10:18:47

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2014-04-24 11:26:29

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