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Stainville Episode 2 Stainville Episode 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice to finally see something get a daily first that actually deserves it! Great job with the animation and the series so far, looking forward to more episodes.

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TOME Short: Hackers TOME Short: Hackers

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This was horribly obnoxious

I'm sorry, but that was just embarrassing to watch, I had to lock my door to make sure so one came in and thinks that I watch this kinda trash regularly. To say that the jokes were poorly timed would imply that anything in this mess could be considered a joke. In everything you do you actually manage to stuff in these really lame forced gay "jokes" that actually make gay really.. gay. The voices were really annoying too, I'm sure that was your intention, but there was way too much dialog in this "short " for it pass off as just these are bad guys and their supposed to sound like assholes.

I don't really want to go in the the characters or the story, I just didn't like them or it. One was really enthusiastic about breaking stuff on the internet and allegedly making "mad money" for doing so, and the other who was monotone was very cynical on the matter and for some reason brought up how this was cutting into his time playing sports(why?). I think the moral was you can still find enjoyment even if you hate your job, out of other peoples misfortune, even if they don't look like people and in fact deformed abominations. So yeah, I guess this had a point, messing with people is kinda fun. But regardless I found the characters very unlikeable, uninteresting and annoying, and that your portrayal of "hackers" to be very lame.

The animation, even if it's mostly tween's and awkward movement, didn't really bother me too much, I try to look past that and base my opinion off the content. But those colors are just ugly. From what a gather their supposed to be in some internet realm, but my god it just looks depressing, something similar to how I picture your imagination looking like. I know your colors take a lot of heat in reviews, but your characters just look dull and sad, it would be better if this was in black and white.

I almost felt obligated to review this just because the already shamefully low quality standards on this site manage to dip lower just for you. For most flash's that I dislike because I don't like the characters, voices or the plot, I can at least understand how some people might like it, but this? It blows my mind that theirs actually an audience that enjoys this. This is offensively bad.

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Kawaii Battle Stars Kawaii Battle Stars

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I try not to leave reviews on things that I'm in, especially when it's not helpful, but you did a great job! It was an honor not only just voice acting in the animation, but having a cameo, editing and proof reading this piece of shit It's just a shame that it wasn't received as well as we hoped by people who may or may not be seeking psychiatric help due to post traumatic stress induced from mass down voting.

You pass the class with a C+ -2points for excessive reused screaming

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SS - Keys of our Past SS - Keys of our Past

Rated 0 / 5 stars

By order of the Reptilian Resistance

You will rue the day you brought about this Spirit Science series upon the naive and weak-minded Newgrounds community. You are not a Prophet or a Philosopher, but merely a peon of the Reptilian overlords, preaching their corrupt and altered truths about our existence on earth! If not to the author of these "lessons", but to the viewers! This man has been indoctrinated with the false beliefs and knowledge implanted through reptilian mind control!

We are brought up in society to be able to question what we read, watch, think and feel, regardless of how coherently composed and articulated it might be. Before you dare accept any of these ramblings as fact, please question the credibility of his sources; Conspiracy theorists, Psychics, Magicians and Cultists slowly feeding you bizarre new age pseudoscience bullshit!

Although these maybe playful ideas and interesting(absolutely ludicrous) concepts, these are crazy(hard to believe) cultist beliefs and are both stupid and dangerous. If you are truly looking for belonging and purpose, don't just go for what you see as interesting or different, even if they go about it logically, use your head! An open mind is only a good thing if you can back it up with common sense.

I must also say, along with other reviewers, that the style in which this is presented(surprisingly well composed despite the content and annoying voice pitch morph) is blatantly plagiarized from the escapists "Extra Credits". A fact that I would be shocked to hear a logical explanation for from an already known unoriginal, arrogant hack. I would be honored to receive a hilarious condescending response from a plebeian who believes he is of a higher life form.

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RiverJordan responds:

Hey Redfeather! Glad you're doing well. Damn tho, you figured me out. The reptiles pay me big money to teach this stuff.

Man Man 3 Man Man 3

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm that guy who gave a zero with a wall of text

I'm used to seeing poor submissions from these users, but my god, none of them have ever been so visually repugnant and horrendously unfunny warranting a lengthy hate review like this one has.

I understand that all the skits are trying desperately hard to be funny and random and I can see that ALLOT of work has gone in to this awkwardly bad skit show, but FUCK. This is embarrassing, I can't believe I'm even reviewing this crap, this is shameful garbage.

I absolutely love the way you implement disturbingly unfunny canned sound effects, terrible voice acting, and the oh so consistent gay subculture references that YOU NEED to get the joke across is every terrible piece of shit you autistics manage to put into fla form. I would love to go in detail on why I every skit in this (series???) horrible collab is terrible and relies completely on childish fart jokes with random l o l humor and ugly facial expressions, but I can't because they are all the same thing, only difference being that they got progressively worse as it dragged on.

Art wise, in comparison to your other works and just my standards in general, was awful, sloppy and ugly. With ever skit bringing new meaning to the word "bad", it was hard to watch this the whole way through. If I were to pick from the fine selection of artists whose work I enjoyed the least, it would undoubtedly be TheFabs, not just because she is a terrible artist and an immature brat with an awful sense of humor, but because her skits in this actually effected my value of life.

Overall, I see no potential in this series and it is my personal recommendation to discontinue it.

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The Many Kirbys Collab The Many Kirbys Collab

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I actually didn't think this was good

There are so few redeeming quality's in this collab, the second I feel that the art and animation actually looks passable for mediocre, it's swamped down with dated references and tired awkward jokes with stupid facial expressions. The writing and voice acting were abominable, some of them so bad (Psychofig's segment) the only words I could use to describe it would have this review flagged as abusive. The last skit had me thinking you might have saved something decent for last, but that feeling was short lived as it progressed into the cringingly tasteless poison you made sure to make present in every skit

I suppose this is probably seen as a success to the autistic underbelly of the flash community, so I should congratulate you on at least mustering up to courage to message Tom, begging him to front page this out of pity and guilt for the shameful amount of time it took to make this piece of shit.

On the bright side, looking past your dated sense of humor and the embarrassing amount of time it took for you to put this collab together, I do see allot of effort put forth into both the animation and compilation (I mean hey, at least the flash plays and the skits are somewhat coherent), as well as potential seen in several of artists that participated in this, more surprisingly flashfire, given his age I wouldn't expect someone to be at that level of smug ignorance.

FlashfireEX responds:

The point where you said autism is where you pretty much blew your cover on the "constructive criticism" and blatantly told me that you're trying to be a massive dick. I'm sure you already know that I did in no way ask Tom to front page this. The next time you're making hate reviews, make it less obvious and you might achieve that sick amount of satisfaction you get from bringing people down.

Spazkid FurFaggotry Spazkid FurFaggotry

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I knew I should have drawn two dicks

you just had to keep digging, didn't you?

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WGJ4K: Confirmed 4 Brawl WGJ4K: Confirmed 4 Brawl

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Well at least you don't care anymore

I didn't even hate this episode, it just seemed like something that might have been relevant a few years ago, but you already brought that up in the before credits evaluation, so it's alright I guess. For some reason you feel that if you acknowledge that the joke is unfunny/bad/repetitive in the flash, it suddenly saves the joke. To avoid sounding like a hypocrite, I enjoy watching beating a dead horse to the point where it's so not funny that it's funny, but you take that and you just play it off as your main formula in pretty much everything you put up here now. It's like your beating the idea of beating a dead horse.

Most of your episodes start off strong, with the exception of this one, which was horrible, just random jumbled hit or miss jokes. At least your other episode didn't make me have to turn my speakers down (obviously from the loud horn noises in this one) but when that's accompanied by incoherently fast dialog, that's subject not only doesn't appeal to me but I find mildly offensive, then yea, I would think this is probably the worst things you've put up. But I can't even see it like that, I took this is as a spam flash just to piss of the people bitching about the series, and I'm pretty sure that's what you were going for too.

One thing I almost find funny in a good way is how you've now changed your persona to be this open homosexual transgendered troll that doesn't want him or what he produces to be taken seriously. I can at least admire your self character assassination, I mean why would anyone take a hit at you if you make it so obvious that you couldn't care less. You might be a half decent guy after all.

Unrelated, I love how everyone feels the need to address anyone who leaves a negative or stupid review, regardless of how nonsensical it is, just to tell them that they have bad taste and not to listen to him because he is this[ ]much of a fag. But really, die hard fan boys is what keeps these series strong.


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I Said NO I Said NO

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Felt I should try one last time

Apparently my last review was considered "offensive" and therefor was taken down for violation. I guess I just cleaned out the needless profanity racial slurs and made it something that wasn't as much attacking the author, but the flash itself. Just for the record; trolling is trying to get a hate filled response through posting false information or leaving unprovoked intentionally hate filled or insulting comments for the purpose of getting someone upset, so you can see why being labeled as such when I'm just trying to express my personal opinion, would be found as offensive. I would be trolling if I were to say this was anything short of awful.

I don't even feel like reviewing this garbage, there's just so many thing to point out, and you've probably already heard about how bad and gay the characters/voices/story are a million time. And after reading you pour your heart out about how the lifeless trolls ruined the NG experience for you, I could not dare to leave you another hate filled review, in fear of hurting your very fragile feelings. You deserve more then just an award for this my dear girl. Also I'm going to review it anyways.

This just felt so real, I felt like was actually in a literally gay catgirl wetdream, personally, I was hard the whole ride. Don't bother getting new voice actors, because, quality put aside, if you, the one who wrote this. made the lines sound bad, emotion wise, then even the highly recommended bloated queen of newgrounds Rina-Chan (deceased), could never possibly hope to make this abomination watchable, might even be able to make it worse though. In the terms of animation it was ok, even if it was a gay as hell anime style tweenfest that made me physically sick.

The Herbert the Pervert cameo was just gay as fuck, I understand how you had to Incorporated some western cartoon character, but fuck didn't just put the cherry on the top of this piece of shit. I mean really, did you go through a book of gay cliche jokes from 2006 to come up with that? Also, Amtrax is a huge faggot assclown, you would be better off taking a voice clip right out of the show.

"I will take a little break from Newgrounds, and see you on DeviantART, where we are a community and support each other, not bring people down." really? are you that tuned out and down right stupid that you believe that the two site are even comparable? Go back to getting jerked off by other weeaboo cockslaps on your gay needless 14 year old needless asspat site.

Now for the constructive criticism part! Although this may not be 'as bad' as I'm making it out to be, this honestly had very little effort put into it it, and it shows through all the the tweens you used in the animation the jokes were poorly timed jokes, and the over all poorly constructed story based around going to Disney land and pedophilia. Am by no means calling you a bad artist, because in comparison to your other art piece, this in no way reflects your artistic capability.

Taking criticisms is something you should really try to work on, most of your responses just say "would like to see you do better", "I didn't make it for you", or "if you don't like it, don't watch it/leave a review". All this shows is that that you, if a comment offends to the point where you can obviously tell their just trying to be mean, don't reply, it just feeds into a cyclical of hate and ignorance because you can't understand how anyone could be so heartless. You're above stupid insults.

Although you may just see me writing this review as a waste of everyone's time including my own, I am entitled to my opinion and will even take the necessary precautions in order to make my review fit guidelines. I could care less about what some fanbase wrapped around the idea of some catgirl incest fantasy thinks of me, because although that is your target demographic, it is a shamefully embarrassing one and that, and when that is what you try to hind behind, it just looks pathetic. Better luck next time. Also, I scouted you on the art portal for some reason.

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4 Karri 4 Karri

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Why do people keep linking me to this?

I'm not gay, I've.. never been gay in my whole life.

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